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Port Blair People

Port Blair People Among Port blair people Negroids (Negrito) of the Paleolithic Age mainly inhabitate the Andaman islands. These are believed to have migrated from Africa to the Andaman islands. Negroids have indegenious clans, they are : Andamanese, Sentinalese, Onge and Jarawa of Mongoloid origin. The Nicobar group of islands are mainly inhabitated by Nicobarese and the Shompens. The unique identity and their exclusive cultural disposition have been nurtured by them for centuries.

The Jarawa (Jarwa) among Port blair people are one indegenious tribes who live in the Andaman islands. Their numbers are approximately 250 – 400 at present. The meaning of their name is 'foreigners' or 'hostile people' in Aka-Bea. They have inhabited the islands since several thousand years. Since they interact very low with the outside world, many parts of their culture and traditions are poorly understood by modern people. Before 19th century, the Jarawas resided in the south east part of South Andaman island and nearby islets. After the establishment of British rule, their population began to decrease because of the spread of the disease in 1789 and alcoholism and destruction by the British. The immigration of Indian and Burmese settlers two centuries ago further accelerated their depopulation. Prior to 1997 they maintained distance from the outside world and discouraged most incursions and attempts to contact but after 1998 they been increasing contact with the outside world.

port blair people The Sentinelese (Sentineli) among Port blair people are one of the indegenious tribes in Andaman and are the most uncontacted people of Andaman islands. They live in North Sentinel island in Great Andaman. They resist meeting the outside world and maintain a hunter gatherer society which lives through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants. According to 2001 census of India, their population is about 39 individuals. The defining characteristics of these people incude a comparatively short stature, dark skin and peppercorn hair.

The different tribes among Port blair people in Port Blair wear different costumes. The Jarawa tribes wear arm bands made out of shell and barks, necklaces and waist bands while the Shompens only cover their lower body. The Sentinaleses still don't wear any clothes. The denizens living in Car Nicobar island used to traditionally cover themselves with coconut leaves petticoat, but now they have started wearing modern western outfits. Even the Onges who didn't wear any clothes before have now started wearing modern western outfits. The necklaces which are made from shells, pearls, beads, headbands, armbands, waistbands made from bark fiber and so on are still popular in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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