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Port Blair Attractions

Port Blair Tourist Attractions

baratang island portblair

Baratang island :

Baratong islands is an island in Andaman and Nicobar and is situated at around 90 km from Port Blair. At Baratong islands, you can see Mud Volcanoes, mangrove and tropical forests, Limestone caves, Parrot island and one nice deserted beach with Havelock island view.

havelock island

Havelock island

The island is named after Henry Havelock who was a British general active in India. It has many beaches for the tourists to explore. Beach no.7 which is on the western coast is known as 'Radha Nagar' Beach and is very popular among tourists. Other notable beaches are Elephant Beach on the northwestern coast and Vijaynagar beach (No. 5), Beach no. 3 and Beach no. 1 on the east coast. The Havelock island also comprises of five villages which are Govinda Nagar, Bejoy Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Krishna Nagar and Radha Nagar.

cellular jail portblair

Cellular Jail Port Blair :

The cellular jail, located in Port Blair is also known as Kala Paani name given cause of the tortures given to the Indian prisoners there. This jail was constructed between 1896 and 1906 by the British to suppress the power of the Indians who rebelled against the British rule. It had a unique construction such that each cell was 4.5m x 2.7m in size with a ventilator located at a height of 3m. The prisoner was kept in solitary confinement such that no prisoner was allowed to see another prisoner. The jail had seven wings out of which two were demolished during Japanese regime while another two were demolished by India post independence. The remaining three wings and the central tower were converted into a National Memorial in 1969.

ross island port blair

Ross island Port Blair :

Ross island is located about 2 km east of Port Blair. It was the Administrative Headquarters of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, but the earthquake in 1941 rocked this place. Important ruins include a church, swimming pool and a Chief Commissioner's residence with its huge gardens and grand ballrooms. There is also a cemetery and a small museum of Indian Navy, SAMUDRIKA, which has good collection of old records.

anthropological museum port blair

Anthropological museum port blair :

Anthropological museum is located in Port Blair. It is maintained and managed by Anthropological Survey of India (ASI). The museum showcases many things like wide collection of tools and weapons used by Andamanese, photographs of different tribes and many films depicting the life and culture of Andamanese. Few documentaries and film shows are also arranged by the museum for the visitors.

samudrika marine museum

Samudrika marine museum :

Samudrika marine museum is located at Delanipur in Andaman. It is run by the Indian navy. The main motto of this museum is to generate awareness among the visitor about the marine life and environment in ocean. The museum has five sections dealing about history of Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archaeology and the Marine life. You can also find a wide collection of fish fauna, shells and corals here.

water sports complex port blair

Water sports complex Port Blair :

Water sports complex Port Blair is a uniwue sports complex in Port Blair which offers many adventurous water sports activities like sail boats, para sailing, water scooters, rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boats, and water skiing. It is located close to the Cellular Jail. There si also an artificial waterfall which is a great attraction. A children perk is also nearby where children can enjoy the serene environment.

chatham saw mill port blair

Chatham saw mill Port Blair :

Chatham saw mill is one of the biggest and oldest saw mills all through Asia. It is located at the north tip of Andaman. It is owned by Forest Department. The mill is a storehouse for different varieties of wood including marble, paduak and satin wood. The mail functions as the main source of timber for government and private agencies at a moderate price. It also processes many types of ornamental wood for making furniture and handicrafts.

marina park and aquarium

Marina Park Port Blair :

Marina Park and Aquarium is located in Andaman and Nicobar close to the Water sports Complex. It is a prime attraction. The visting tourists and local inhabitants us this park to spenf their evenings by enjoying the stunning sea waves and lush green vegetations. Moreover, a children's park with many facilities for kids enjoyment, a toy train and many other amusement facilities make this park an exciting picnic spot. The Aquarium is a praise worthy place enclosing various kinds of sea fishes and turtles.

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